Guava Tequila Magic # 1

 guava margarita


1 ½ oz silver tequila

1 oz Jungle Pulp Guava Pulp

4 dashes orange bitters

Fresh basil

Top withsparkling water

Served with a sage garnish


Build Tequila, Guava, Orange Bitters, and torn basil in a Boston shaker. Shake vigorously, pour over ice, top with sparkling water and serve with a sage garnish.


The basil punctuates the guava puree and the sage adds a beautiful finish to the nose. This drink is delicious!


Yellow Mandarin Blended


1 ½ oz Bacardi orange rum

¾ oz Peach schnapps

1 ¾ oz Jungle Pulp Mango Puree

1 full scoop of ice

 Blend and serve.


Island Strawberry Daiquiri

strawberry daiquiri


2oz. White rum

1.5 oz Jungle Pulp Strawberry Pulp

1 oz Unsweetened pineapple juice


Glass: Daiquiri or Pint

Garnish: cherry and/or whip cream and/or umbrella

Pour all ingredients into a blender with ice and blend until smooth & thick.

For a sweeter daiquiri add 0.5 oz of maraschino liquor or 0.5 oz of puree.