About Us


About Us and Our Business

Jungle Pulp is a brand of Foods From The World, a Costa Rican owned company located in Los Angeles, CA, committed to bring forth leadership from responsible enterprises that envision a better planet and promote products that make a real difference. We value leadership from responsible entrepreneurs who envision a better planet.  Together with our suppliers  and with every item we sell, we make the world a better place. 

Our products are made out of real fruit that is carefully carved and pasteurized in the town of Villa Colon, Costa Rica.  Jungle Pulp mixes are intended to enhance foods such as desserts and beverages, they contain added cane sugar and small amounts of additives. Our business directly supports farmers, families and communities in the area who work abiding local strict environmental laws which keep Costa Rica ahead as an environment conscious society. 

Jungle Pulp was initiated in the Los Angeles area in 2009 serving renowned businesses such as Tequila Bar Restaurant Javier’s and nationwide chain Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Since then our food service and online presence is growing fast. 

Foods From The World is resilient and keeps working with the government of Costa Rica in supporting more creative entrepreneurs with a business vision that is purposeful.  For more information contact us at (310) 957-2030 and for bulk orders please call 1-800-972-0722.                                                                  

 "We become larger than life to the degree that we honor people's well being in our visions"   

Mauricio A. Robleto,  Founder   Los Angeles, CA