Frequently asked Questions

These are the most common questions we receive, and we update them regularly. For further information not provided here, e-mail us at and we will gladly provide an answer.  

Does the product have seeds?

The product does not have seeds.


How long can the product last after opening? 

From the manufacturing date the product has a 1 year life and does not need to be refrigerated until opening. The expiration date is located at the bottom of the bottle.  Once opened, it must be refrigerated, at that point the product will be good, at least, until it expires.


Can you freeze the product?

We do not regularly freeze the product but when it has been done it has thawed just fine. We do not have extensive history on this matter, but customers have reported that it works well from freeze to thaw.  


Can you make juice with the product?

Absolutely, one bottle yields to at least 1 full gallon of juice.


How much actual fruit is in the product?

Depending on the flavor our product has from 40% to 70% pure fruit in the mix.


Why added sugar?

Our product is made in a conservative industrial fashion. Although highly skilled professionals oversee QA during all aspects of the process, there is a "homemade" approach in the design of the recipe and the ingredients used. This was purposely set up this way to provide a product that not only benefitted communities that otherwise would not prosper but also a product with the local taste of a particular culture.  Expensive technology or industrial preservatives are not easily accessible. However cane sugar is, which helps  preserve the product keeping that homemade quality. Without it the product would not have enough shelf life to be shipped long destinations. This sweetened version matches infinite applications for pastries, cocktails and kitchen worldwide. The product is not intended to target any health markets.