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GUAVA Puree for Cocktails and Drinks (2-BUNDLE)

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  • BUNDLE: You will receive 2 bottles of 1 liter each for the listed price. Offer available only through our site. 
  • IT WILL MAKE YOUR COOKING FUN AND EASY BUT ALSO INSPIRE YOUR CREATIVITY. This puree mix is pasteurized in a PET bottle making it easy to use for your creations, you only need to open and pour. A recipe has been added to the label to ignite your inspiration It does not require refrigeration until opening.
  • GUAVA DRINKS TASTES LIKE SUNSET ON THE BEACH. In addition, you can make a full gallon of fresh sweetened juice with the taste you can only get in the real tropics. Our product uses local cane sugar only.
  • NO REFRIGERATION UNTIL OPENING and packed in a 1 liter bottle. No mess, no hassle. Clean cooking and stores easily.


Best for cheese recipes, cocktails, pie, smoothies, desserts etc.  Ingredients: guava pulp, cane sugar, water, guar gum as gelling agent, sodium eritorbate at 0.3% as antioxidant, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate at 0.05% as preservatives. 

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