Desserts With Passion Fruit (Updated 2024)

Passion fruit, while deceptive in appearance, is wildly refreshing and has a pleasant sweet-and- slightly-tart flavor. It may not look like much, but once you crack one open, you’re met with a smooth filling that, when pureed, enhances all sorts of dishes.  This exotic fruit will elevate your next dessert with a bright, fruity flavor and delicate texture. And luckily for you, you can have this funky tropical fruit at your fingertips faster than you realize. You can find passion fruit puree on line easily these days, such is the case of Costa Rica made puree brands sold in the US such as Jungle Pulp


So then the question is, how can you use passion fruit?

Check out these perfect examples of desserts with passion fruit, all of which can be made and enjoyed in minutes with a handful of essential ingredients and - most importantly - an empty stomach!

Passion Fruit Curd

passion fruit curd

Making curd is one of those secret hacks that professional chefs keep up their sleeves to impress at a moment’s notice. Thankfully for you, it’s quite easy to make curd at home, and this passion fruit curd, in particular, is sweet, tart, and wonderfully smooth. It’s perfect for dolloping on french toast, pancakes, crepes, or just enjoying by the spoonful!

Passion Fruit Cheesecake Mousse Parfait


This passion fruit mousse parfait combines layers of creamy, rich mousse filling, buttery graham cracker crumbs, and of course, perfectly sweetened passion fruit to make a delicious mousse parfait. Even the pickiest of eaters will fall in love with this dessert, and it also happens to be a breeze to make!

Passion Fruit Cake


There are a million cake recipes out there, but this one is unmatched in its uniqueness and fresh flavor. A perfectly moist and fluffy cake recipe is made so much better with passion fruit baked right into the batter. It even has a light and buttery passion fruit frosting, making for a delicately sweet and soft cake that’s irresistible.

Passion Fruit Ice Cream

maracuya ice cream

As if the color doesn’t give it away, this passion fruit ice cream is the perfect dessert that requires very little prep time. Adults and kids alike will get a kick out of the color and will love the flavor. Make it the night before you want to serve it, and get ready to drown in compliments.

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

panna cotta

If you’ve never had a panna cotta before, it’s essentially a dessert of heavy cream and gelatin, which, when combined, makes for a creamy, slightly firm dessert that absorbs added flavors beautifully. With a little drizzle of passion fruit, the resulting dessert is light yet rich, delicate yet flavorful. It’s the best of both worlds.

Passion Fruit Mousse Cake

mousse with macarons

Another perfect example of mousse - this one is truly a sight to behold. With passion fruit whipped right into the batter, it’s a surprisingly simple dessert with an unmistakable presentation.When adding passion fruit to desserts, there are no wrong answers. Every one of these recipes takes an already exciting dessert and adds a refreshing twist with the addition of our passion fruit puree.


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