Strawberry Tiramisu


• 150 ml of espresso coffee, at room temperature
• 43 ml rum, divided (35 ml to mix with the mascarpone and 8 ml to mix with the coffee)
• Approximately 14 lady fingers
• 45 g of egg yolks
• 60g of sugar
• 170 g mascarpone, cold
• 180 g cold whipping/whipping cream
• 100 ml Strawberry pulp
• 1-2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
• Chocolate to grate (approximately 15 g)
• Fresh strawberries to decorate (Optional)


*You can put the bowl in which you are going to whip the cream into the freezer before
starting to prepare this recipe. The cold bowl will help you mount the cream.
1. In a bowl, mix the coffee at room temperature with 8 ml of rum. Set aside.
2. In a medium glass bowl, mix the egg yolks and sugar. Place over a water bath and beat for 5 minutes on low heat until the mixture is lighter in color, thickens, and does not feel grainy when rubbed between your fingers. Remove from heat and whisk for 2-3 minutes to help cool slightly and not crust over. Set aside while you perform step 3
3. In a large bowl, mix 170g of chilled mascarpone and 35ml of rum. At first, I
recommend that you use a spatula to soften the mascarpone and gradually add the rum. Then you can use a balloon to stir until there are no lumps and you have a homogeneous mixture.
4. Add the warm egg yolk mixture to the mascarpone mixture. Mix with a balloon just until incorporated.
5. In a separate bowl*, use an electric mixer to whip the cold heavy cream until medium peaks (peaks that do not quite hold their shape) form. Add Strawberry pulp to the whipped cream until later integrated into the mixture from step 4 and use a spatula to stir in an enveloping manner, just until incorporated. Don't stir too much.
6. Quickly dip half of the lady fingers into the coffee, one at a time, and place them in a single layer in the bottom of a pan (the pan I use is approximately 14cmx10cm) or individually in glasses or container of preference following the process Dip once per side so they're moist, but don't soak these biscuits too long or they will disintegrate.
7. Spread half of the cream on the first layer of lady fingers. Dip and place the remaining lady fingers. Spread the remaining cream. Refrigerate overnight. Sprinkle with cocoa powder before serving or if you wish, decorate with fresh strawberries. Grate chocolate on top before serving (optional) and that's it. Serve and enjoy.