Mango Pudding

 mango for dessert

by Monique Korelishn


½ cup of Jungle Pulp Mango Puree

1 cup heavy cream

1 cup whole full fat milk

1 oz packet of unflavored gelatin (Knox Gelatin)

¼ cup of water

¼ cup pure cane sugar

½ tsp real vanilla extract

1) Heat ¼ cup of water in a small pot until it is at a slow simmer, add gelatin and stir until dissolved. As the gelatin dissolves and blooms it will become slightly thicker.

2) Add Jungle Pulp Mango Puree and heat again until it thickens to a syrupy consistency.

Panna Cotta Preparation:

1) In a 3-cup pot add heavy cream, milk and sugar, slowly whisk over medium heat until the sugar dissolves and it comes to a low rolling boil. Take off heat for 5 minutes.

2) Stir in gelatin and mango puree.

3) Stir well and pour onto serving bowls. Let cool for 30 mins the cover and place in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours

4) Serve with a garnish of fresh mango and 2 Tbsp of mango puree.