The best brunch-friendly cocktails

Drinking in the morning is often thought of as somewhat taboo, but when it comes to a brunch celebration, all bets are off. A weekend brunch is the perfect excuse to let loose and enjoy a cocktail as a treat. If you're hosting a brunch, making your own cocktails is the perfect way to impress your guests. Here are some fun cocktails that are perfect for brunch.


A mimosa is an all-time brunch favorite, and it’s very easy to make for parties. All you need is champagne and some of your favorite fruit juice. The little extra kick of bubbles from the champagne is a fun way to kick off the day. Here's an idea, add some passion fruit puree and have a "passionate" morning. 


While a margarita hasn’t always been considered a traditional brunch cocktail, it works well for daytime meals because of its fun, fruity taste. If you’re serving them at your own brunch, switch things up with some different flavors, like strawberry or mango.  

Irish coffee

An Irish coffee is the perfect drink for those who just can't bear to give up their coffee in the morning, even for brunch. Irish coffees are also very easy to make, as long as you have some good quality coffee and whiskey. Top it off with some whipped cream to make it look extra fancy.

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is a fun savory brunch drink that goes well with a super-satisfying meal. While the main component is tomato juice, you can spice things up even further with hot sauce or spices for your friends that like a kick to their drinks. Serve with celery or olives to balance out the punch of the spicier ingredients.


Sangria is another classic brunch drink that's perfect for fruit lovers. You can really get creative with it, mixing red wine with various fruity ingredients for a rich, layered taste.

Jungle Pulp is a line of bottled fruit pulps that are perfect to add to a variety of different cocktails. It is made using Costa Rican fruit and cane sugar, and adds a delicious fresh flavor to any drink. Because they are bottled, they are very easy to store and use, making them perfect for parties or even retail.


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