Jungle Pulp For Your Cocktails: Diquiris And Margaritas!

Jungle Pulp is the perfect base for margaritas and daiquiris! A tasty and nutritious alternative to the frozen tropical fruit melodies you buy from your local grocer, they're just as delicious when you need to quench your wild side.

Jungle Pulp tropical fruit cocktails

With a wide selection of choices including mango, passion fruit and Costa Rican strawberries, Jungle Pulp's only preservative is mountain grown cane sugar.

So if you want to quench your thirst with an exotic flavored cocktail, you have plenty of Jungle Pulp options to choose from.

The Jungle Pulp Mango Margarita

Love Latin liquor? Tequila in particular? You're going to love a Jungle Pulp Mango Margarita! Freeze Jungle Pulp, then blend it with ice and add your favorite tequila! Or, mix it with water, freeze the combination into cubes, drop them into a margarita glass and sour them with your tequila.

No matter how you like your margaritas, you'll love them with Jungle Pulp!

Go truly tropical with Jungle Pulp and Cacique Passion Fruit Margaritas

Tequila isn't the only great tasting Latin American liquor that makes mouth-watering cocktails! Do you prefer a sweeter tasting liquor like rum? Costa Rican guaro is distilled from sugar cane, but isn't nearly as sweet as some of the other sugar-based liquors.

In fact, it has the same bite and kick you get from tequila!

Mix guaro with passion fruit Jungle Pulp and you have a drink to die for! It’s the perfect drink to enjoy in front of a beautiful sunset.

Sweeten your fiesta with a Costa Rican strawberry daiquiri

While mango and passion fruit margaritas and daiquiris are sensational, something has to be said for the flavor of strawberries and liquor! Whether you like your strawberry daiquiris with rum or you want to taste more of the strawberry and less of the liquor by using guaro, you can’t go wrong either way.

Jungle Pulp offers some of the best tasting pulp mixes on the market. They’re so flavorful, it’s hard not to imagine mixing them with a little liquor! Get yours now! Link.

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