Cultivated Hearts of Palm and their Positive Impact Socially and Environmentally

Hearts of Palm are a nutrient-dense food harvested from the core and bud of certain types of palm trees. This food is jam-packed with nutritional value while offering a delicious taste. Hearts of Palm offer lots of fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorous, and other critical nutrients.

Before packaging, harvesters cut Hearts of Palm down into cylinders that are often pickled, leaving you with a crunchy and delicious snack. At Jungle Palm, we pickle our Dulu Hearts of Palm using only water, brown sugar, salt, and acetic acid.

The Problem: Palm Harvesting

The process of harvesting Hearts of Palm poses an environmental threat. To harvest Hearts of Palm, Palm trees must be cut down and their tender hearts removed. In turn, this means that the trees die after harvesting. If done on a widespread level, wild harvesting can cause the potential for deforestation, leading to a significant environmental concern.

Clear-cutting forests from Palm trees releases greenhouse gases and reduces the environment's biodiversity. Like Hearts of Palm, these common environmental concerns are often raised when using Palm oil. Killing off Palm trees to harvest Hearts of Palm can also threaten certain wildlife populations, such as tigers, birds, elephants, and more. It may also play an unwanted role in furthering global warming.

The Solution: Costa Rica Cultivated Hearts of Palm

You might wonder how you can enjoy delicious Hearts of Palm without damaging the environment. Choosing Hearts of Palm cultivated in Costa Rica is the perfect solution. Since they are cultivated and not wild, there's no need to cause damage to the environment to enjoy this delicious snack.

The history of cultivating Hearts of Palm dates to 1978, when the first two commercial plantations for cultivated Hearts of Palm were created in Costa Rica. Today, cultivating Hearts of Palm has come a long way. This process has greatly reduced the need for wild harvesting, helping to protect the Palm trees in our forests. By choosing to only eat cultivated Hearts of Palm, you can make a big difference in making a positive impact both socially and environmentally.

Choose Sustainable Dulu Pickled Hearts of Palm

Stand with our company and what we stand for by consuming our sustainable Hearts of Palm products. At Dulu Pickled Hearts of Palm, we play an important role in helping support Costa Rican communities. We seek to diminish the destruction of forests in our environment. Our crunchy, pickled, and tasty cultivated Hearts of Palm offer a natural snack full of rich nutrients and vitamins.

Pickled with local brown sugar, Dulu Hearts of Palm make the perfect addition to any salad or recipe. Or, enjoy them on their own as a delicious snack! Many home cooks enjoy experimenting with Hearts of Palm through various cooking methods like braising or boiling. Our mission is to help bring the fun experience of the exotic jungle into your life, helping to expand your recipe creations!

We urge you to actively support sustainable and environmentally-friendly choices with our delicious Dulu Hearts of Palm. By switching to cultivated Hearts of Palm, we take an active role in protecting our precious environment. 


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