GUAVA Puree Mix - Jungle Pulp
GUAVA Puree Mix - 1 Lt
GUAVA Puree Mix - 1 Lt
GUAVA Puree Mix - 1 Lt

GUAVA Puree Mix - 1 Lt

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"I love this stuff and have reordered it 3 times"    Anna g.


1 Bottle: Pet, 1 liter/33.81 oz 

No refrigeration needed until opening. 


Ingredients: pink guava pulp, cane sugar, water, guar gum as gelling agent, sodium erythorbate at 0.3% as antioxidant, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate at 0.05% as preservatives.


FLAVOR: Made with real Costa Rica fruit,  the local "kick" of their jungle pink guayaba  is unmistakable. You will experience their folklore and tropical life in your creations!    With added water and cane sugar, it holds the necessary balance for an easy to use "special" ingredient and for  your creativity to be indulged. 

TEXTURE: The product pours easily where needed. It has gone through a process of pasteurization which makes it easy to use and store. In addition to great desserts,  it is perfect for  juice and all kinds of cocktails. It does not contain seeds. 

STORAGE(Peace of mind): No more mess at baking or cooking time. Just open and pour.  The PET bottle it comes in can be stored virtually anywhere (prior to opening) and perfectly sealed in refrigeration after opening. Flavor does not get sacrificed while being refrigerated. 

POPULAR IDEAS: Our guava  is commonly used by our customers to make cocktails, pies and fillings. 





Ice Cream Topping


Guava Margarita

Guava Juice

Cheese Filler or Topping