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BLACKBERRY Puree - Better than Syrup

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"I've never seen quality purees like these since we opened our restaurant."
Afran Aldape, General Manager, Avila's El Ranchito Laguna Beach, CA

  • IT WILL MAKE YOUR COOKING FUN AND EASY BUT ALSO INSPIRE YOUR CREATIVITY.  From an irresistible blackberry cheesecake to an authentic sangria, the sky is the limit. A simple recipe has been added to the label to ignite your inspiration or browse our site, it is full of for-home made recipes
  • BETTER THAN SYRUP and SWEETENED WITH LOCAL SUGAR CANE, it requires no refrigeration until opening and it is packed in a 1-liter bottle. No mess, no hassle. Clean cooking and stores easily. The blackberry flavor comes from real fruit preserved through pasteurization, you only need to open and pour.  Perfect for margaritas, drinks and sauce. a
  • BLACKBERRY JUICE IN THE MORNINGS, In addition, you can make a full gallon of fresh blackberry juice.

Best for  homade margaritas, desserts and smoothies. Ingredients: blackberry pulp, sugar, water, guar gum as gelling agent, sodium eritorbate at 0.3% as antioxidant, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate at 0.05% as preservatives.

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