What is Jungle Pulp and Where Did it Come From?

‘Love’ is all we need, but an exotic fruit puree now and then won’t hurt!

Jungle Pulp is one such name that believes in ‘Bringing a little jungle to your life’ through scrumptious fruit pulp.

The producers and exporters of exotic fruit puree from Costa Rica have an aim to offer the real fruit extracts to the people who wish to get lost in the tangy taste of tropical fruits.

The Vision & Mission

Jungle Pulp was born back in 2009 in Los Angeles. According to the founder, Mauricio Robleto, the main idea behind Jungle Pulp was to produce and deliver the unique world products from Costa Rica to restaurants and bars across the globe. The mission was to bring a line of fruit pulp flavors (made of actual fruits) as whole fruit substitute.

The product line incorporates mouth-watering flavors of mango, guava, blackberry, strawberry and passion fruit.  The purees have a thick consistency, which adds a distinctive taste to cocktails, desserts and bakery items. A pinch of puree is also addictive and often used in dressings of dishes.

How is Puree Made?

On the jungle pulp puree, there are hands of a curative team that visits the cultivators and vendors to garner the best quality fruits for the puree. The fruit puree is made from 100% Costa Rica- fresh native fruits, carefully hand-picked by the professionals in the town of Villa Colon. The process involves several steps, practices, and people. After that, they carve out the flesh from the fruit, extract the pulp and then bottle it. Sugar is added to aid longer shelf life and add to the taste.

What Makes Jungle Pulp Renowned & Reliable?

The winner of SIP Awards -International Spirits Competition in 2017 and 2018, Jungle Pulp has proved its eminence and experience.

The clientele is in love with the product line. Some of their proud clients, Bubba Gum Shrimp Co and Javier’s Newport Beach have used the fruit puree to please their customers. Javier’s Newport Beach has been using Jungle Pulp’s fruit puree instead of artificial syrups for last eight years to bring flavor to their margaritas.

Jungle Pulp takes customer satisfaction seriously; that leads to its ever-increasing customer base.

Summing Up

Jungle Pulp is all about juggling with the purees reaped from the tropics having real exotic fruits from Costa Rica. The products are authentic, appetizing, and indulging.

Anyone who admires the gulp of tasty fruit pulp from the best part of the world must try Jungle Pulp for a lingering experience!

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