Mango Margarita



Pass me the chips and salsa, please! This recipe for a frozen mango margarita is our ultimate go-to beverage for sunny days. Its delightful combination of tanginess, frostiness, sweetness, and refreshing flavors makes it the perfect choice for warm weather.

frozen mango tequila


Mango puree, we like to use mango puree, which makes it easy and quick. No mess! But not just any puree, we recommend this native mango brand from Costa Rica below available on line.

Lime juice is a must for this cocktail, as it adds a zingy and bright touch to the mango puree margarita.


lime juice

Tequila is the spirit of choice here, and you can use your favorite tequila brand for the perfect blend of flavors.  


tequila fest



Don't forget the ice, as it plays a crucial role in diluting the margarita and giving it that extra-frosty and refreshing chill.

Lastly, we always rim our glass with sea salt. It adds a wonderful savory note that perfectly balances the sweetness of the mango puree and the tartness of the lime juice in each sip. 

 salt rim


Put mango puree, lime juice, and tequila into a high-speed blender. Blend until the mixture becomes smooth. Next, introduce the ice and blend once more until the texture turns smooth and frosty. Take a taste and fine-tune the balance if needed. 

mango margarita blended

Quick  Tips

  • For more strength add a splash of tequila.
  • For more sweetness replace the lime juice with sweet and sour. 





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